Smart features to boost your business growth and manage your human resource.

For Job Seeker

  • Make your employee history and educationl history more systematic and manage your info, documents, resume, job applications.
For Businesses

  • Increase your HR productivity and reduce HR process costs. Get more smart decision plans and focus on what really matters
For HR

  • Simplify your HR process and streamline your growth process without wasting much time on recruitment processes.

Applicant Management System

You can automate your hiring process easy and simple

  • Add new vacancy opening.
  • Define your job description and job details and hiring process.
  • Publish vacancy for employees.
  • Collect all applicant details inside Jobpiz.
  • Download all applied resumes/pofile in a one click.
  • Sort list selected candidates.
  • Manage interview time slots.
  • Send invitation to interview.

Job Seeker

You can automate your hiring process easy and simple

  • Manage working history.
  • Manage education history.
  • Manage resume/CV.
  • Job applied status view and history.
  • Post others job availability to help socity.