Zoa Sri Lanka

Zoa Sri Lanka

zoa sri lanka works towards resettlement and rehabilitation of people affected by war or natural disaster in the north and east of sri lanka. in the northern programme, zoa assists resettling families with income generation packages, supports business start-ups, strengthens value chains and supports people in taking up their old profession. in general, this has been successful and sustainable. people restarted their businesses and could quickly provide in their basic needs. because of their isolated locations, many of zoa’s target communities are, however, unable to benefit from the rapid economic development and government services. zoa tries to link these communities directly to markets and make them aware of the prices they can receive. zoa is allowed to work in more and more areas in the north, where the true remnants of the war become visible. there are still enormous unmet needs in the north. in the eastern programme, zoa works on the formation and strengthening of cbos. in east sri lanka, returnees are able to rebuild their lives and zoa supports these people with projects in the area of subsistence, for example by helping them set up small businesses. zoa expects to be able to hand over its activities to local organisations within the next three to five years.

Address: 32/10, Railway Avenue, Colombo 05

Phone: 0117529600

Web URL: http://www.zoa-international.com/content/sri-lanka

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