Galoya Plantations (pvt) Limited

Galoya Plantations (pvt) Limited

galoya plantations (pvt) limited, (gopl) was formed in 2007 for the purpose of revitalizing the former hingurana sugar industries limited, that was closed since 1997 the public reforms commission, on behalf of the government of sri lanka invited expression of interest from the interested parties to restore the hingurana sugar industries (pvt) ltd and to re-cultivate the lands attached to the factory a consortium led by brown & company plc and lanka orix leasing company plc forwarded a proposal to the government of sri lanka to enter into a public-private partnership (ppp) thereby to revitalize then abundant sugar factory. having perused the proposal, a new company was formed as a joint venture between the government of sri lanka and the consortium, where 51% of the ownership retains with the government of sri lanka and 49% of the ownership to the consortium. in addition, the consortium was appointed as the exclusive management agent, galoya holdings (pvt) ltd

Address: Galoya Plantations (Pvt) Limited,Hingurana Site, Hingurana, Hingurana

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