Central Finance Company Plc

Central Finance Company Plc

central finance company ltd was incorporated in december 1957, as a private limited liability company based in kandy. its principal activity was to provide financial services in the form of hire purchase facilities to the passenger transport and goods haulage of the central region. in 1969 the company was converted to a public company with acity office - colombo quotation from the colombo brokers association. it was the first company outside colombo to obtain such a listing in the post war period. the first branch was opened in colombo in april 1979, on an agency basis and managed by forbes & walker limited. it has now developed into the status of a fully fledged premises in the hub of the commercial sector. company activities and head office - kandy services are diversified widely and range over asset leasing, share portfolio management, bill discounting, real estate development, housing, insurance broking,industry etc., directly and through its several subsidiary and associate companies.

Address: No:270, Vauxhall Street, Colombo 02

Phone: 0112300555

Web URL: http://www.cf.lk/

Company Type: Private