Bio Foods (pvt.) Ltd

Bio Foods (pvt.) Ltd

established in 1993, we are a company devoted to sustainable, organic and fair trade way of life. starting out as a family owned business based in kandy, this company has grown to be one of the world leaders in biodynamic, organic and fair-trade agriculture. we have always believed in clean, agrochemically uncontaminated produce the way nature makes it. even our fertilizer is certi?ed organic, so that we can leave behind clean air, water and soil for all living things, present and future. in addition, from its very inception, bio foods also ensured fair trade standards to take care of our farmers from ?uctuating market prices and middle-man exploitation. this is what makes us leaders in modern sustainable agriculture. due to his commitment towards this vision and ethical standing, the founder and the chairman of bio foods, dr. sarath ranaweera, won the ?rst ever “world’s fairest fairtrader award”, presented by the world fairtrade labelling organization (flo) in 2014. now celebrating our 25th anniversary (2018), we are leading exporters of beautiful tea, spices and coconut products, with exciting plans to bring our truly organic way of life to more and more beautiful people.

Address: 52/1/D, New Kandy Road, Kothalawala, Kaduwela, Kaduwela

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