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Stafford Garments Pvt Ltd

Stafford Garments Pvt Ltd

Stafford Garments Pvt Ltd

  • Company Location: Udumulla,Mulleriyawa

stafford garments industries (pvt) ltd. is a sri lankan based company. we are focused on the manufacturing and marketing of the fashion brand reborn. reborn is a twelve year old brand, initially the product was only a simple –shirt but over the years the brand reborn has evolved into a variety of t-shirts, shorts, sunday pants and beach skinnies; with many other products in the development phase. presently domination the sri lankan market, the reborn label is accepted for durability, comfort and recognized as the trend setter in its categories. reborn garments are manufactured with the best of fabrics and accessories. they are born in the sophisticated, state of the art factories employing the best professionals in the industry. in-house fabric manufacturing and a ‘world class’ high – capacity dyeing and finishing factory gives us an edge over others through consistent quality, delivery and price. reborn is being exported to india and currently sold in the south under the label reborn. recently an office was set up in chennai to assure a superior service to our existing and potential agents and dealers. the products are manufactured using quality material and the latest in technology and incorporating techniques to add value to the products in terms of quality and style. hence it is believed that the consistency in the process will open wider markets for reborn in india and other parts of south east asia.

  • Company Phone: 0117392120
  • Company Fax: 0112569887
  • Company Web: http://www.reborn.lk

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