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E-w Information Systems Ltd

E-w Information Systems Ltd

E-w Information Systems Ltd

  • Company Location: Methodist Central Building, P.O. Box 325, 252, Galle Road,,Colombo 03

need an information-management system to further enhance the efficiency & profitability of your business? ewis will guarantee to provide the solution that you are looking for. unlike most it suppliers in sri lanka, we are a non-aligned service provider. thus, we have expanded our horizon in order to design the most cost effective it solution using unique combination of systems from it giants such as hp & lexmark and other top brands that we represent. as a non-aligned service provider, we enjoy the freedom of not being forced to meet pre-defined targets by international business partners. thus, we focus on what matters the most to us – our customers’ satisfaction. powered by highly knowledgeable internal and external consultant expertise, we at ewis are geared to bestow your company with an it solution which will meet your business interests at its finest level.

  • Company Phone: 017520520
  • Company Fax: 0112867930
  • Company Web: www.ewisl.com

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