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Durdans Hospital

Durdans Hospital

Durdans Hospital

  • Company Location: 3 Alfred Place,Colombo 3

durdans hospital is an established and respected tertiary healthcare provider in sri lanka, focusing on patient care above all for sri lankan and international patients. it is a modern, multi-speciality private hospital with state-of-the-art medical facilities, conveniently located in the heart of colombo. since 1945, generations of sri lankans have been cared for by durdans hospital, a trusted and recognised name for patient healing. today, it is synonymous with the medical expertise, trusted nursing care and modern facilities that has become our tradition: it’s all about caring. the new sixth lane wing continues to embody tradition with a higher level of dedicated service, care and attention in a pleasant environment. we offer our patrons a further selection of rooms with improved service areas, specialised consultation rooms, new theatres and additional critical care. our sixth lane wing theatre complex comprises of five new specialised theatres equipped with cutting edge technology for general surgery, obstetric surgery, genitourinary surgery, orthopaedic surgery and laparoscopic surgery.

  • Company Phone: 0115410000
  • Company Fax: 0112575302
  • Company Web: http://www.durdans.com

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