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Bileeta (pvt) Ltd

Bileeta (pvt) Ltd

Bileeta (pvt) Ltd

  • Company Location: 6th Floor, 403, Galle Road,,Colombo 03

bileeta is an organisation with offices in sri lanka and australia providing enterprise resource planning solutions to corporations around the world. we have focussed our attention on providing solutions that use state of the art technology which empowers organisations to reduce operating costs, secure and increase revenue and drive profitable growth by delivering best business practice modelling capability along with insightful and analytical financial reporting which highlights process inefficiencies and supports operational and strategic decision making. bileeta has deployed its solution with organisations in highly competitive industries in various parts of the world. bileeta focuses on providing its clients with the lowest total cost of ownership of its customized erp solution, which will be successfully implemented within stipulated time line and budgets.

  • Company Phone: 0114378378
  • Company Fax: 0114641187
  • Company Web: http://www.bileeta.com

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