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Thilanka Hotel

Thilanka Hotel

Thilanka Hotel

  • Company Location: 03, Sangamitta Mawatha,Kandy

hotel thilanka sits majestically in the city of all cities - kandy . surrounded by the mist-veiled hunnasgiriya mountains and the lush udawattaekelle natural reserve, it overlooks the great city of kandy . hotel thilanka is a tapestry of colours, like a rich, vibrant, kandyan painting. adorned in hues of ruby reds, brilliant yellows, warm oranges and subtle temple motifs, it's like a page out of the mahavansa . elements of kandyan tradition and culture, precious antiques, local arts and crafts, and glass bowls of fresh lotus flowers make up its regal interiors. feast your senses in its luxurious and opulent comfort. take a refreshing dip in the turquoise blue teardrop pool or lounge on the deck with kandy stretched out before you like a picturesque canvas. trek into the wilderness of the nearby udewattakelle or the many cultural hotspots and immerse yourself in local culture and history. be pampered like monarchs at our ayurvedic spa or gorge on delicious culinary assortments fit for royal palettes. brimming with colour, culture and charm the hotel is much like the city it's in - unforgettabl

  • Company Phone: 0814475200
  • Company Fax: 0812225497
  • Company Web: http://www.thilankahotel.com

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