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The Swadeshi Industrial Works Plc

The  Swadeshi Industrial Works Plc

The Swadeshi Industrial Works Plc

  • Company Location: 57, Colombo Road,Kandana

ours is a story that began in 1938. inspired by beauty treatments that women in the exotic east used to pamper themselves and retain younger looking healthy skin, we created our very own soap for discerning women in sri lanka. initially our soap was developed under the quality certification of the coconut research scheme. over time we grew our repertoire and transformed into a public quoted company. our first products were based on two age-old ayurvedic ingredients, namely aromatic sandalwood and mysterious margosa. in 1941, we made waves in the local market with our pioneering effort of rani sandalwood - beauty therapy soap and khomba margosa - ayurvedic herbal soap. proud to be sri lankan and proud of our rich herbal ayurvedic heritage, we focus on personal care products that offered safe and gentle care using hand picked ingredients from nature. based on this philosophy we grew to what we are today- a multi billion dollar company with many firsts to our credit in the industry.

  • Company Phone: 0112236244
  • Company Fax: 0112237180
  • Company Web: http://www.swadeshiherbal.com

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