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Tantri Trailers (pvt) Ltd

Tantri Trailers (pvt) Ltd

Tantri Trailers (pvt) Ltd

  • Company Location: No 117, Biyagama Road,Kelaniya

established in 1991 to cater the growing trailer market in and around sri lanka. founder mr. d j haputantri position in the market continuous updating of the technology and designs, dedicated staff, quality assurance, innovative designs, after sales service and the large stock of trailers and spare parts at all times are the reasons to success of this pioneering company in sri lanka. during last five years tantri manufactured over 900 trailers to the private sector as well as to the government departments. quality control and design standards all the trailers manufactured by tantri are carefully designed using cad and continuously upgraded to suit the continuously growing demands and the latest developments in the field. well-equipped design lab enables customers to get a trailer designed to suit their exact requirement. tantri custom made trailers have become popular in sri lanka, as there is no extra charge for the design. due to this reason number of trailer models have exceeded 100 up-to-date. extreme road, loading and working conditions, together with rust prone climatic conditions have been a great challenge faced by the trailer operators in asia region. tantri trailers have made it an advantage over the competitors, as the reliability and efficiency have become their primary concern. strict quality control of the product is followed at all the stages by the trained staff.

  • Company Phone: 0112913740
  • Company Fax: 0112910321
  • Company Web: http://www.tantri.com

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