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Puttalam Salt Ltd

Puttalam Salt Ltd

Puttalam Salt Ltd

  • Company Location: Palavi Saltern, Kalpitiya Road, Palavi,Puttalam

one of the premiere manufactures of salt in sri lanka since eighteenth century, the “puttalam sanstha salt” has become a synonymous with our brands of “sun salt”and “pure sea salt”. we have built a proud reputation for top-notch products, fair prices, and outstanding service since the founding of our company. our stronghold as industry dominant in the manufacture of salt is through adhering to strict quality controls, process efficiencies, environmental technologies and safeguards in order to deliver products that add value to our customers’ enterprises. puttalam salt limited provides a living for thousands on the island’s north west coast. through top notch products fair price and outstanding service, the salt we produce plays an almost entirely unseen important role in giving a whole generation of sri lankan a chance to thrive.

  • Company Phone: 0322269232
  • Company Fax: 0322269391
  • Company Web: http://www.puttalamsalt.lk

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